The People In Between

I usually spend a lot of time September 11th thinking about Khami Singh who sat next to me at the Windows on the World new employee orientation and who died while I didn’t. I also can’t see a bottle of Fuji water and not think of Jay Magazine who told me that since the bottles are square he would freeze them to use as an ice pack for his kids’ lunches.

Mostly I think about the people in our lives who we regularly see in passing but who impact our lives in small ways. If “Congenial Donut Guy”, “Lady who shares books with you,” or “person who taught me how the office ‘really’ runs” were suddenly gone, how would your life be different? What would you carry with you?

We all have our good friends and family and we all have the people we try to avoid in our lives and we assume that those are our influencers, the drivers of our behavior and experiences. The fact is – there are more of the people in between love and hate than we realize and they matter.