No Kick the Dog

I have the cutest dog in the world but sometimes he acts like a 6 year old who knows the boundaries of my patience and is designing a study to test them. I did often think that the boys were just cute enough to avoid being killed as babies but I had no idea dogs had the same protective features.

Burberry Plaid Legs

I am allergic to Thor, his fur, and all of his bodily fluids which means that when he wants to give me lovin’ and he licks me, I need to jump up and wash the area before I react. I am generally unsucessful at this because I am very lazy. Today he met me at the side of the bed and lavished love on my leg which now has stripes of pink itchiness all up and down it.

The phrase “lick me in a decorative fashion” is stuck in my head and it’s not a phrase you can exorcise by saying it out loud like you can get rid of an annoying song in your head by passing it to someone else.

An audio treat for the whole family

I wonder if I will ever get used to the dog. I can breathe, so that’s good, but I am itchy all the time and I don’t like being licked. I do like having him around more than I expected which is interesting.

He is wrangled in his cage for the night. The act of getting him in the damn thing was made as pleasant an experience as I could make it because he’s supposed to love the cage. It’s supposed to be his secret happy place. If you could hear him now you’d think his secret happy place was walled with spikes and was on fire and was electrified and he was very, very, very lonely.