My Life in DAP Notes – All the balls are back in the air

D: Client discussed her success at internship and expressed her feelings about how the agency is more concerned with paperwork than clinical skill and process. Client elaborated on her feelings about her supervisor. Therapist reminded client that while it is frustrating, paperwork is an essential part of the job because if the paperwork isn’t done properly, the agency doesn’t get paid and no one gets help. Client stated that this was dumb but accepts it as fact. Client discussed her feelings about school starting. Stated that while she appears to have things under control now, she worries that she will lose control any day. She stated that while the boys and John were all doing what they need to do, everything could “come unraveled” if one thing goes wrong. Therapist and client discussed client’s coping skills. Client stated that she has been drinking wine but not as much as in the summer. Client stated that she is trying to go to sleep earlier and has been eating better. Therapist praised the client for being proactive to stay healthy. Client stated that she is frustrated that she is not losing the baby weight more quickly. She has 12 pounds more to lose and the weight loss has stalled. Therapist suggested exercise but the client believes that she doesn’t have time for exercise. Therapist suggested yoga or walking the dogs. Client stated that she feels that adding one more thing to the schedule would be too much. Client stated that she has been playing Words with Friends with her husband and enjoys this as it gives them something to talk about besides work and kids.

A: Client appears euthymic but tired. The plan and schedule she has created seems to be working and, as she is taking her medication, she is on track to remain stable.

P: Client and Therapist agreed that she needs to spend more time with her husband without the children. Client will continue to go to the produce market and prep food for the week as this allows everyone to have healthier foods ready to eat. Client will go to one yoga session int he next 10 days.