Not Quite Ready for PETA

I found this in my Live Journal Archive from 6 years ago…

Sunday I drove up to Long Island and spent three hours in the car with my cherubic darlings. They are big fans of hypothetical questions and I need to remember that they can hear NPR in the back seat just as easily as I hear it in the front seat, which is how I ended up explaining the Emmit Till lynching to Rob when he was 5.

Jack was quiet for a really long period (a little toooo long) and then he says, 

“Mom, you know who I hate?”  
“Umm, no Jack, who?”
“People who kill aminals for food and clothes. I hate them.”

1. Jack needs to lay off watching “Bindi the Jungle Girl” and 2. I could have stopped the conversation here and agreed with him but 8 years of child rearing still hasn’t taught me to quit while I’m ahead so I said…

“Well, you know that the chicken nuggets you love come from chicken right? Chickens have to die for nuggets.”

Then he’s quiet for a good 45 seconds.

“Mom, I don’t much care about chickens.”

Then he continued composing his new do-wop tune about dolphins.

I should add here that when you read all conversations between Jack and I, remember that he can’t say the letter “R” and that he actually pronounces it “Aminals”.


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