Scented Prepubescents

Jack came home from camp asking for deodorant and specifically requesting Old Spice Danger Zone or Swagger. I know he hasn’t been able to watch Archer but he repeats his dad’s pronunciation of “Danger Zone” from the show to a T. In the aisle at Shoprite I sniffed Matterhorn (which smells like snow, air and freedom), Swagger, and Playmaker (“Believe in your Smelf”). Danger Zone was sadly out of stock. As I tried to decide which one smelled less like desperation at last call I noticed that Brut made a deodorant and decided that I should buy that and have my 10 year old smell like a VFW for a little while. It’d bring back memories of my grandpa and have me craving a Hi-Ball.

No decision has been made and he probably still smells like a sweaty 10 year old.


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