Abnormal Psychology and Deviance

Sometimes you kick and flail, frustrated and fighting against your circumstances. You are clearly at the edge of the wheel making pbpbpbpbpbpb noises with your mouth caught in the spokes. Effort is made and the trudging continues with considerable whining (especially if you are a verbal processor). Then, one day, you are within a situation and things become smooth. You are in rhythm with the universe and all your dogged trudging comes to fruition. Be grateful for that moment. Be grateful for the help that is offered gladly and the ease and lightening you feel. You will soon slip back out from the center of the wheel where things are calm to the ragged edge and you will be back to getting beat in the head. Hang on to this feeling, remember that it will come again and that the universe is operating as it should be. Whine a little less, kick a little less and be open and aware for the time when you again slide to the center.

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